The Benefits of Controlling Diabetes for Life

Taking control of diabetes has many benefits.  Keeping your blood sugar (also called blood glucose) levels in the normal range can make a big difference now and in the future.

In the SHORT RUN, you will:

In the LONG RUN, you will:

An Action Plan for Blood Sugar Control

There are many steps you can take to control your diabetes for life.  Follow this three-part action plan to get your blood sugar under control:

1. Know your blood sugar numbers.  Get a complete picture of
            your blood sugar control with the hemoglobin A1c test and the
            finger-stick test using a blood glucose meter.

2. Reach your blood sugar goal.  Make healthy lifestyle choices
            with the help of your health care provider.

3. Keep your blood sugar under control.  Create a plan to stick
            with your self-care goals and manage setbacks.




California Diabetes Foundation
 2275 Huntington Drive, #207
San Marino, CA 91108



*NDEP is a Joint Program of the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  

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